Workout Routine to Lose Weight and Build Muscle Fast

Workout Routine to Lose Weight and Build Muscle Fast


It feels great to have a fit, muscular, or lean body. In this age and day, very few people want to be anything near fat. To burn out that layer of fat you consider excess, and build lean muscle fast, one should adhere to a strict work out routine. For the best results, here are some things your workout routine should include.

Start Slow With Strength Training

This is the first crucial step of how to build muscle fast. Here, you train using light weights to give the major body parts and muscles the strength to handle heavier weights without much straining. They range from squats, bicep curls, barbell rows, bench presses, triceps curls and much more.

Observe and Maintain Consistency

It is highly recommended that you have some consistency in your work out routine. Sessions of 30 to 45 minutes every 3-4 days a week are considered ideal. Such a schedule not only allows your muscles to heal when you rest, it also allows fast growth as we grow when we rest and not when we train. Also, ensure in the weight amounts you lift as you go on, adding a few pounds to the weight you lift. The more you train with Better Living Fitness, the heavier the maximum weight you can lift gets.

Follow a Proven Weight lifting plan

This is where a gym instructor comes in. The ideal workout routine should cover all muscles through the week in such a way that you alternate between different muscle groups. Concentrating on the same muscle target every other day may cause unpleasant muscle injuries that take a long time to heal, interfering with your strategies of how to build muscle fast. Weights should be lifted in the correct form, in the right postures to impact the correct target muscle. Be sure to stay hydrated during weight lifting sessions.

Be Keen On Your Diet

A good number of people try the gym for a while, only to quit after some time when they notice no change in their musculature after some time of effort and pain. Beef, steak, eggs, fish, and pork are just a few of the most rewarding foods due to their high quality protein important in muscle building. These should always be coupled by vegetables in high quantities, which help in muscle healing, repair, as well as providing the body with fiber while keeping it hydrated.

Ensure that your meals are balanced. Sometimes you can go for healthy supplements and alternative products such as creatine and milk shakes. Also, having five meals a day instead of the normal three will see you build muscle faster when working out, but you might want to take them in small bits if losing weight is your end goal.

Successful Weight Loss

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